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Centre for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA), the non-partisan body at Chennai, organizes meetings, seminars, debates, media programs, workshops, counseling sessions and lectures on issues concerning the various development sectors at national, regional and global levels. CMPA sincerely endeavors to connecting the communities effectively to the media for a greater social impact on Windows 7. Through researches and studies, CMPA also provides useful case studies on effective strategies to address the contemporary social challenges.

CMPA acts as an organized platform for promoting media resources and effective exchange of resourceful information. CMPA mainly focuses on (1) Connecting Communities to Media for a greater social impact (2) Supporting significant empowerment initiatives related to scheduled communities, minorities, women and the rural youth (3) Creating awareness on the values related to RTE & CSR (4) Campaigning against Child Sexual Abuse, Child Labor and Workplace Harassment

A Quick Overview

Centre for Media and Public Affairs has been publishing regularly an Information Bulletin to disseminate information about the activities of CMPA and to interpret the ideals for which the CMPA stands for.

CMPA firmly believes that they need Tramadol Germany self-regulation to stop pain medicine is the best option to check the violation of media ethics and democratic norms. At the same time, CMPA will react properly when a newspaper or channel or journalist is aggrieved by any action of any authority that may impinge on the freedom of the press. CMPA seeks to develop relationships with various campaigns and initiatives to provide impartial information to the Media organizations. Reports published by CMPA help the media persons in understanding latest political, corporate and social issues. CMPA researches and creates resources to inspire critical reflection on the social, political and cultural impact of Indian mass media. CMPA strives to increase the effectiveness of exchange of information among the media people. Scholastic breadth and agility are the tools needed to succeed in the media and communication industry in India. CMPA encourages the print & visual media people to become familiar with all of the tools for information-gathering and communication that modern technology provides. CMPA serves as a road map for a tremendous range of career opportunities in media and public relations.

  • EMPOWERMENT In a country like India, gender-based violence not only violates human rights, but also hampers productivity, reduces human capital and undermines economic growth. Domestic violence is the fundamental violation of women’s rights that remains widespread across various states. The most prevailing forms of domestic violence is from men that and use this to solve their erectile dysfunction, then this can led to sexual abuse, harmful traditions, abuse during pregnancy, honor killings and dowry harassment. Joining hands with like-minded organizations, the Centre for Media & Public Affairs (CMPA) organizes awareness campaigns to prevent violence against women. According to CMPA, India cannot progress successfully without improving the resources for women so that they have equal power to shape their own lives and contribute to their communities.

James Augustus Hicky

James Augustus Hicky launched 'Bengal Gazette' as the first printed newspaper of India on January 29, 1780. Hickey launched the newspaper in Kolkata, the capital of British India.The newspaper soon became very famous and later it inspired many Indians to bring out newspapers of their own. Most of the columns and articles published in the newspaper strongly criticized the rulers. The Irish born trend-setter faced threats and imprisonments for his bold writings. But, he resisted challenges with staying power. His courageous media attitude, clarity in views and directness in writings made him the Father of Indian Journalism. As a completely non-partisan body, the Centre for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) is committed to strengthening the roots of democracy by empowering media people and enhancing the journalistic standards. CMPA organizes a lecture in memory of James Augustus Hickey to encourage the professionally accomplished young journalists who wish to pursue progressive careers in media. The lecture on “Employability Skills in Media Industry” will be delivered by a renowned person in public life!.


Public policy management is the most essential skill to be acquired by institutions engaged in national level social activism in India. While public policy management may not be required in all cases, those organizations that have a clear public policy vision are more apt to see positive results for their causes. Public affairs management involves researching issues, and lobbying to make views heard. One of the biggest undertakings of any public policy management strategy is forming and maintaining a core action committee. In CMPA's view, the organizational system needs to be shaped by three great drivers of change viz., inter-dependent functional wings, effective communications practices and effective public participation. Through public affairs evaluations, the CMPA makes every sincere effort to create emotional integration and a sense of unity among the youth who contribute to nation building.

TALENT BACK UP Centre for Media & Public Affairs offers a short term awareness programs on topics related to Mass Communication, primarily for those who wish to choose basic careers in media. The training programs offered by CMPA gives the opportunity to acquire the fundamental skills through hands on exposure to projects. The core structure of the program is directed towards developing insights in to political, social, academic and industry dimensions of contemporary issues. Keeping in mind the Gandhian morale of the Indian society, the training program offers the chance to develop self assurance and stateliness in media career with adequate exposure in all functional areas. The trainees will be guided with practical illustrations, counseling, tests & reports writing. Training Curriculum broadly includes Outline of Mass Communication, News Coverage, Content Development, Opinion Research, Report Analysis, Editing Skills, Interviewing, Public Relations, Visual Media Basics, Internet Journalism and Social Impact Analysis.

Stay Away From Sweet

Reports reveal that India would soon become the International Hub of Diabetes if its spread is not effectively checked. Blood sugar rises as rapidly as we eat sweets. Developing the habit of eating sweets proves to be extremely hazardous. In a country with majority innocent rural public, the young people should realize that offering sweets to diabetic persons is not a sign of healthy hospitality. Every year, November 14 is celebrated as CHILDREN'S DAY and WORLD DIABETES DAY. The coincidence tells us the significance to campaign among students about the Health Risks of Diabetes. Centre for Media & Public Affairs (CMPA) launched the campaign ‘Stay Away From Sweet’ to create awareness among the students of Chennai about the urgent need to avoid offering/eating sweets in every day life & normal occasions to try and stop pain by using pills from Tramadol Netherlands for pain loss. Eating sweets can be limited to celebrations like Deepavali, Christmas and Bakrid. Worshipful Mayor of Chennai Mr Saidai Duraisamy, in his message to CMPA, has said “I appreciate the CMPA for highlighting the coincidence of Children’s Day and World Diabetes Day as indicative of the need for creating awareness among the children with regard to consuming sweets. I hereby appeal to the teaching community to educate the students on the hazards of consuming sweets in everyday life”. Veteran Film Maker Madhumita, in her message to CMPA, said "It is definitely apt that a connection has been made between World Diabetes Day and Childrens Day. In India, we associate sweets with celebration and success. Be it a child celebrating his birthday at school or a family function where relatives get together, our way of expressing our happiness is by distributing sweets. So much so that it has become a compulsory factor in every household for every event. I think we need to detach these two things right from the early days in our children's life. I think it is vital that we fine tune our mindset and detach the concept of sweets from our celebrations and events". CMPA brings out a special BULLETIN on the campaign ‘Stay Away From Sweet’ which will reach the schools and colleges in Chennai! Your views, suggestions and messages are welcome to educate the students about the health hazards of diabetes.


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